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Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

SuperDC v2..: small Development status 07/2017!


There are some new information from "bbfplayer" about the status of development from the awesome SuperDC mod for you!

You want Contact, Feedback or Bug Posting, please visit: click here

new information:

-TOS-1 model added from poe mod, it will be not very powerfull but be able to destroy infantry in bunkers and bildings

-TOPOL_M will have nuke weapon , but not standart fire position(not 90 degrees)

-MSTA heavy non rocket arty (model poe)

-ZTZ99 main battle chines tank, will be next to type 98

-PLL_05 light 120 mm mortar artilery, can swim

1.) Desert Combat 0.7 + Final: Download

2.) Super DC v2.2 (requesting DC 0.7 to play update Mar 2017)  (Torrent only):  Download

For now trying to port models like btr90, chines nuke truck, bmp 2m beregok, stryker mgs,WZ-213 LT,PLZ-05


We just cannot waiting for this cool new update of the Super DC Mod by bbfplayer!

Source: battlefieldsingleplayer.com

Samstag, 12. August 2017

Forgotten Hope 0.7: Two new Maps spended by PFT Poland!


We are proud to present to you the new Release of two brand new Polish War CONQUEST Mode Maps from the Gloria Victis Team Poland for the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod. If anyone could create a COOP Mode for this Maps its really welcome, maybe FH-Revisited? This Maps you can play on the main Forgotten Hope 0.7 Pixel Fighter Server at the Mappack days. Best you wish these kind of Maps at the Admins. Special on this Maps you play Poland vs Germany and Poland vs UDSSR.

Border village... Here you can hear frog croaking interrupted by molotov crashing on russian tanks T26 or BT7. Also use fully mobile cannons like wz.36 or new one: wz.1902/26!Now the tanks wrecks are staying for 1 minute - use them as cover! 

Just download and let us know if you like it! 


Added new:
truck, tank wrecks, cannon,
HD ground texture, molotov, bayonets,
eastern region statics

New Models - TOM PL/Remo PL
Textures - Shayman/TOM PL
Mapping - Shayman
Map briefing - Maksio PL

"Szack - a polish village in a present Ukraine. From 28th to 29th of September 1939 Szack was attacked by 15 000 of Red Army soldiers and 15 T-26 tanks. Against them stood to fight the Polish Border Protection Corps (Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza) in the strength of 5 000 soldiers and 16 cannons. Soviets stormed on polish positions through the dyke on the Lucimierz lake, but they were repulsed by the fire of the polish artillery and machine guns. Despite the capture of Szack, during a bloody bayonet battle and a destruction of 12 Bolshevik tanks, the Poles failed to outflank the enemy and after exhausting fights they retreated and fell back crossing the Bug River ..."
Leave comment for us!








Official Bugs "Battle of Ilza": 

-> Panzer II Ausf. C's primary and secondary gun barrels are overlapping the gunner's viewport.
-> Panzer IV Ausf. A's return rollers are missing.
-> wz.36 (aka Bofors 37mm AT gun) firing sound not audible enough to hear while firing.


New quality in modding - HD ground textures, first bicycle in FH, animations made from scratch, bayonets, new artillery and tanks! First version of this map. Map is after online testing.

PFT proundly presents first public version of this map. Do you want to see new quality of mapping?
Just download and check this out.
Added new:
truck, 2x tank, bicycle, 2x tankette,
animations of wz.30 deploy, smoke effect,
2x artillery battery, new rifle, bayonets,
horse (not alive yet), HD ground texture

New Models - TOM PL/Remo PL
Textures - Shayman/TOM PL
Mapping - Shayman
Map briefing - Maksio PL


"Ilza - an old medieval town located 120 kilometers to the south of Warsaw. From 8th to 9th of September 1939 the town was defended by the group of Polish Army called Armia Prusy - 2 incomplete infantry divisions, few artillery guns, 4 tankettes, 4 armored cars and 11 bofors 40mm AA guns. The German intention was to surround and cut this group of the Polish Army from the bridges over the Vistula River and destroy them. The polish defense was based on the castle in Ilza and the hills surrounding the stronghold, which perfectly interfered with attacks of the enemy tanks. Although the fierce defense of the Poles was defeated and the Armia Prusy ceased to exist ..."

Now we come to the important part of the news, the Download for play this good maps!!!

1.) Basic: http://sh.metrica.se/static/sh/bf1942sh.zip

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download

3.) Szack 1.0:  Download

4.) Battle of Ilza 1.0: Download

4.) PFC Custom Maps:

5.) Filefront Custom Maps:

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

We just hope to meet you PFT guys back on the Battlefield 1942 Mods, you are always welcome and an important part of the Community. Please stay and be with us. Retro and Oldschool gaming are awesome, more than before.


Source: moddb.com

Dienstag, 8. August 2017

Raised Fist Mod v0.6 sighted, release soon this month!

A new development team is working on the mod and will release v0.6 before or on August 15, 2017!

Developer Statement:

Good news at last.
I am very happy to announce that development on Raised Fist has resumed!
This time, I have found a team of incredible mappers, modelers, texture artists and map testers to help me release the next version of the mod, which corrects some bugs found in v0.5 (such as the parachute bug) but also adds much more content to the previous build, as well as three new patches to the main raised_fist mod.
The next version of the mod is not currently available for download but should be released before or on August 15, 2017. Version 0.6 of Raised Fist will come in ZIP format and in an EXE installer, so players can have more freedom in how they want to install the mod. The three patches will have the same download options as the main mod build.
An event will be held on August 15 to promote the mod. You are welcomed to join the event and play the mod with the development team on this open beta day!
More details about the date and time of the event and server IP will be posted shortly, so visit this page regularly to have more details about the event!
Raised Fist Mod Development Team

This is the current work being done on the map at the moment. About 95% of static objects have been placed. Some object lightmaps still need to be fixed and other small fixes are required before the map is released!

New Prisoner Rescue mode minimap icons!

Texafornian one of the developer Team of the Raised  Fist Mod made these neat little minimap icons for the prisoners on the map RF_Hellhouse!

Prisoner Minimap Icons

These minimap icons appear in the map RF_Hellhouse and were made by Texafornian. He replaced the ugly looking ObjectiveMode circles from vanilla with these neat little soldier icons. Tell us what you think!

Here are some pics of the changes that have been brought to RF_Arabian_Nights since version 0.5. The map is also due for a name change, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

AN 2
AN 4
arabian nights august 2

New map: RF_Underground_Bunker

After a hiatus of about a year and a half, development on Raised Fist Mod has resumed.
This time, a group of modders, modelers, texture artists and mappers consisting of Texafornian, Jim2102, Reegad, LuccaWulf and TomPL has decided to help me out with releasing the next version of the mod, version 0.6.
A lot of new content has been added to the mod since v0.5 was released in 2015. Some of the new features and fixes include:
- New colored server mod icons
- New patches for the extra game modes that were made for the mod (rf_extended, rf_deathmatch, rf_infiltration)
- New loading bar display and background image
- New colored "fist" in game health icon
- Three new maps currently under development: RF_Hellhouse, RF_Oasis and RF_Pitch_Black. Game modes for the maps will be kept a surprise until v0.6 rolls out
- Added parachute disabler kit part to every kit used in the mod. Fixed the CTD caused by pressing the 9 key
- Three new game modes: Death Match or Free For All (rf_deathmatch patch), Elimination (raised_fist) and Prisoner Rescue (rf_extended)
- lexiconAll.dat text editing, changed ObjectiveMode announcements to adapt them to the Prisoner Rescue mode, based on Objectve GPM
- Renamed labyrinth_pro map to RF_Labyrinth_Pro
- All weapon kits have five hand guns by default in raised_fist (throwable knives, pistol, main gun, shotgun, grenade), instead of four in v0.5
- Four new building meshes with textures were imported into the mod for the map RF_Hellhouse
- One new underground bunker mesh with light objects and textures which will appear in the map "RF_Underground_Bunker" (WIP)
- RF_Arabian_Nights fully lightmapped and compatible in CTF, TDM, Elimination and Infiltration modes
Version 0.6 of the mod will contain all of the above features and fixes and will roll out before or on August 15th, 2017.
Players will have the option to download and install only the raised_fist mod, or customize it with three different game mode patches (rf_extended, rf_infiltration, rf_deathmatch) which run on the core raised_fist mod. All these game mode patches have their own colored mod icons, making it easier to distinguish them.

The Raised Fist Development team is a Discord group which consists of the following modders and mappers:
- Texafornian, mapper and responsible in game UI + Menu changes (loading screens, loading bar, health icon, server mod icons, etc)
- Jim2102, mapper, creator of the "RF_Pitch_Black" map
- Reegad, 3D modeler and texture artist, responsible for the underground bunker mesh
- TomPL, 3D modeler, helped with the correct export of one of the building meshes in the RF_Hellhouse map
- LuccaWulf, map tester
- Black Mamba, mod creator, mapper and modder, creator of rf_canyon, the labyrinth_pro map conversion, rf_castle, rf_hellhouse, rf_arabian_nights and rf_underground_bunker.

Here are a few sneak peaks of the current work being done on the bunker. This map should be ready for the next v0.6 release of the mod!

bunker corridor

bunker map

 Source: moddb.com

Freitag, 4. August 2017

FH1 #18- The Phoenix Rises-Now Open Campaign!


For over two millennia, France has been the the focal point of numerous conflicts and invasions. France has endured invasions from Romans, Huns, Goths, Moors, Vikings, English, and Germans, all withstanding the test of time. At times, the onslaught of invasion was so great that it required an extrodinary person, a phoenix, to lead the Franks to victory. When war broke out between Germany and France in 1939, the French people required a vision to lead them against the Germans, bent on avenging their defeat in the Great War. This struggle between Franks and Germans would take through the woods of the Ardennes, the sands of North Africa, the bocage of Normandy, and the countryside of the interior. This is the story of that phoenix, Charles de Gaulle and the Free French.

In this campaign, you will get the choice of fighting as a Free French soldier in a struggle against conquest, or as a German Heer soldat serving the fatherland and avenging the humiliation of Versailles..


Experience a balanced and exhilarating Forgotten Hope 1 campaign with:

  • A continuing legacy for Battlefield 1942.
  • Organized tournament play featuring custom maps specifically modified for competitive tournament play.
  • WW2 gameplay as it ought to be played on the Forgotten Honor minimod of FH1.
  • Grueling Saturday battles in combined arms ranging from conflicts in the air, tank duels in the desert, and melees in the bocage.
  • 2 sides led by experienced veterans with teamwork oriented armies employing strategies and co-operation with promotions and rewards for your achievements.
  • New friendships with like minded people from all over the world
  • It is free and everybody is welcome!

What is a campaign?
A campaign is a series of connected battles where we recreate the timeline of the war. Here at Forgotten Honor it also means teamplay and organized gameplay. Campaigns take about 8-10 weeks and every Saturday we will have one 4-hour battle. All battles are counted towards the final score which determines the army that won the overall campaign.

Every army has a training server to use during the week for scouting and practice, as well as their own Teamspeak channels and locked sub-forums (we call them barracks) for communication and entertainment. Everyone can participate in all weekly activities and events as much as they want!

Join the Campaign: click here

Source: forgottenhonor.com